The Workers’ Union of Telecommunications and Informatics (prefecture of
Thessaloniki, Greece) would like to express its solidarity to the protesters in the USA
who despite the prohibitions, demonstrated against police violence, state repression
and racism, after the racist crime committed by police officers in Minneapolis, killing
a 46-year-old African-American man named George Floyd.
The protests of the American people prove the magnitude of the accumulated
indignation and anger that lurks within it, caused by living in a country that, even
though it has been advertised over the years as “the land of promise and freedom”, it
actually treats its own people as an enemy.
USA is a country of great inequalities, a country whose unemployment rates
skyrocketed during the last few months, a country in which, even though it is the
metropolis of capitalism, the economic crisis has knocked on its door with poverty
spreading like wildfire, like an epidemic, a country whose people “can’t breathe.”
The stance of the US government is condemnable: American People’s anguish and
indignation against injustice is met with brutal state violence and repression. This is
not an “ideological obsession” of this specific government. Due to the fact that US
governments have long been the helmsmen of a first-class imperialist power, they
have always displayed brutal violence both at a foreign policy level, leading to
imperialist interventions around the world, as well as inside the country.
USA, the country of the business giants, of the multinationals corporations – whose
investments are being advertised as “a saviour” for the economy of our country and
specifically in the technology sector – are neither the saviour of the people, nor their
On the contrary, USA is a first-rate imperialist power, which pursues a policy based
on the interests and the profit of their business groups. Racism, state violence and the
repression of the working class, will still exist and keep escalating due to the
inevitable dead-ends of capitalism.